Beautiful buttes are developing…

I finally got back to working on this painting. I was getting a little miffed because I think the work on the actual mountaintop removal strip job near Hale’s Gap, VA is progressing faster than I am. The Google Earth screen-caps, at least from street view, don’t do justice to this visually fascinating vista. It is alright though because my goal through these landscapes is to work primarily from memory, and in this case it is really important because the site changes daily due to weather conditions, never mind the carving out of this Appalachian monument. I’m sure my paintbrushes will wander back in the direction of this location on more than one occasion, too.

Here are the work in progress photos so far:

Canvas unbound after second application of dye

After second binding, third application of dye and discharge in select areas.

Stretched and primed. This is 8"x14"x1"

Today’s paint job.

Google Earth Street view.

The site is on the horizon looking northeast when you top a rise traveling towards State Route 23 on Lake Street in Wise, VA. Every day at different times of day this looks different when I drive this route. Every day my feelings are juxtaposed between visual delight and something else I don’t really have words to describe.

Here are some more Google Earth screencaps zooming in on the site:

And a NYT article about mountaintop removal that has a photo of the site from a completely different view:

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4 Responses to Beautiful buttes are developing…

  1. elbrigaking says:

    amazing work, seeing it in progress is also very instructive, the technique you use is really interesting. Thanks for posting!

  2. Sherry K. says:

    Very interesting so far. Look forward to the progress…(-:

  3. ilex9 says:

    I am looking forward to progress too, Sherry. 😀

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